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Nano 2G
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About Podstar™ Diablo Spectrum
In a time where identity is cause for prejudice, and individuality is sacrificed to the mind-numbing power of the Gods of Generic, new champions will emerge, bearing with them hope for an increasingly faceless world. Behold the Podstar Diablo Spectrum, the Chorus of Colours, the Host of Hues, the Palette of Paradigms, a motley crew of unlikely heroes imbued with potent personalities, colourful characteristics and rock-star attitudes Brought together by their passion for the outrageous, this new breed of Podstars strive to breach the Castle of Conformity, defeat the devilish Dukes of Dull, and save the world from the Carnival of Convention. And having a heckuva time doing it.

Now you can party on with the sleek, sexy and sensational stylings of the Podstar Diablo Spectrum. Choose a colour that rocks your world and defines who you are, then turn up the volume, get your groove on, and party like there's no tomorrow.

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